[Xorg] The continuing misadventures of freetype-cthulhu

Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Sun Aug 1 22:42:48 PDT 2004

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This freetype build nonsense is no longer funny.  Let's see if I've got this 
all correct:

1 - Xorg in CVS requires >=2.1.8 to build, either externally or from our own 
2 - We cannot force users to upgrade to >=2.1.8 because it has known rendering 
issues and breaks the build of many other packages (quite the stunning 
revelation there).
3 - Users who don't upgrade to >=2.1.8 have slow CJKV core fonts.
4 - (Personal experience here) Users who work around the build breakage by 
saying HasFreetype2 NO to use our copy, will get a brand new libfreetype.so 
in /usr/X11R6/lib.  This libfreetype will cause firefox and others to crash 
repeatably.  (yes the latest version, and if you really want the 60M cores 
from firefox as proof i'll be more than happy to generate one for you.)
5 - Statically linking freetype to X is not an option, for the usual reasons.

Those are facts.  Here begins opinion.

If performance fights correctness, correctness wins.  Correctness here means 
not making huge core dumps out of apps that used to work in 6.7.0, however 
slowly.  There's no winning choice if we argue based on good citizenship - 
forcing the upgrade breaks external packages, but omitting the optimization 
that requires 2.1.8 makes core CJKV painfully slow - so any argument down 
those lines is invalid.

So the best choice, the one where we best fit the environment the user has 
chosen, is the one where we wrap the fix for bug 307 in an appropriate 
#if/#else/#endif for the user's freetype version and move on with our lives.

We need this fixed, and soon, it's embarassing.

- - ajax
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