[Xorg] [PATCH] Japanese ctext conversion bug fix patch

Kensuke Matsuzaki zakki at peppermint.jp
Mon Aug 2 06:33:50 PDT 2004


Compound Text Encoding say below 
> Once a GL or GR set has been defined, all further octets in that range (except within control sequences and
> extended segments) are interpreted with respect to that character set encoding, until the GL or GR set is
> redefined. GL and GR sets can be defined independently, they do not have to be defined in pairs.

But in sjis_cttombs, sjis_ctstowcs, euc_ctstowcs and euc_ctstombs,
once GL or GR set is defined, the other set becomes undefined.
Ctext.patch will fix this. ctext.patch is written Toshio Takabe.

> Note that when actually using a character set encoding as the GR set, you must force the most significant
> bit (08/00) of each octet to be a one, so that it falls in the range 10/00 to 15/15.

sjis.patch fixs the problem that sjis_mbstocts doesn't set the most
significant bit to be a one. I wrote sjis.patch.

Kensuke Matsuzaki
mailto:zakki at peppermint.jp
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