[Xorg] Get rid of checkerboard

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Mon Aug 2 15:17:33 PDT 2004

Alan Cox wrote:
> On Llu, 2004-08-02 at 22:55, Kristian Høgsberg wrote:
>>Surely you could use an application for that;  paint the pattern in a 
>>fullscreen window. There's no need for that to be the first thing the 
>>user sees when he logs in.  At least the option logic could be reversed 
>>so it defaults to a black screen.
> Black screen is about the worst possible default you can have. A lot of
> older analogue tfts can't sync to it. Blue, purple, yellow  whatever
> would all be better, even I suspect grey (not tested that).

But the checkerboard pattern isn't shown for long, then the desktop 
environment kicks in and sets the background.  So it's only an iusse if 
the user starts the X server without setting the background.

If there's a problem with the server, the user could be instructed to 
run the server with the pattern enables, much like enabling debug output.


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