[Xorg] XInput Hotplug Additions

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Aug 2 20:41:29 PDT 2004

Around 3 o'clock on Aug 3, =?UTF-8?B?S3Jpc3RpYW4gSMO4Z3NiZXJn?= wrote:

> I was aiming for a solution that would work with the existing range of 
> input drivers, but if that's not strictly needed, that's cool.

Yeah, I don't see any reason to continue to support user-level device 
drivers when few (any?) systems need them any more.  If you want hot-plug, 
then you get to create a reasonable input system.  For really broken 
environments, a user-level process could open the device and submit 
standard format events through some back-channel.

> But that information is also available from the linux input device through
> ioctl()'s, so the X server could also construct a better name.

Hmm.  If the X server is responsible for building a name, then we have the 
situation where an app adds a device and then has to guess what name it 
has.  Is there some other way of identifying the device?

I guess there's no idea solution.


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