[Xorg] Re: Savage DRI DDX to xorg merge

Sérgio Monteiro Basto sergiomb at netcabo.pt
Wed Aug 4 19:13:35 PDT 2004

On Mon, 2004-08-02 at 05:45, Alex Deucher wrote: 
> I just finished the preliminary merge.  It seems to work ok in limited
> testing.  for those interested the patch is here:
> http://www.botchco.com/alex/xorg/savage-dri-to-xorg.diff
> the code still needs the "develdri" #ifdefs added.  I'm not sure
> exactly where those need to go off hand.  also the savage dri is still
> only in mesa.
> At this point this can probably wait until after the next release for merging.
> Alex
Finally I can post to xorg
so a little resume for xorg list:
with your patch and 
uncomment on xc/config/cf/xorgsite.def
#define BuildDevelDRIDrivers YES

Finally I can report that DRI work on savage twister k very (well)
smoothly :) 
but on some videos with video driver xv (others works well) have
problems, I see a duplicated image, I test it with mplayer and xine and
maybe a small problem in xine with xv drive is already a problem o
s3savage drive.

best regards,

Sérgio M. B.

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