[Xorg] Lots of changes today

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Aug 6 18:30:38 PDT 2004

I imported the new trapezoid code today and then found several other 
broken bits in the xorg tree which I fixed:

1)	misprite hadn't been replaced yet.  the xserver tree uses a new
	implementation of misprite based on the damage code.  This may seem
	like an unnecessary change, but not so -- the new sprite code 
	cooperates with damage to avoid reporting changes when painting the
	sprite on the screen.  Without this change, the server will spin
	whenever it uses a software cursor.

2)	Xvfb didn't match "normal" PC hardware.  This made my 'lightpipe'
	damage test application unhappy so I just changed it.  Much nicer
	now.  I also got rid of the mfb support.

3)	I removed the new alpha fields in visuals.  These made the driver 
	ABI change without offering any substantive benefits.  The idea was
	to report pixel values to clients that included the alpha bits so
	"simple" applications would "just work" on ARGB visuals.  Turns out
	no modern toolkit bothers to ask the X server to translate RGB 
	values into pixels for TrueColor visuals, so this was mostly a 
	wasted effort in any case.  If we want to revisit this, we will
	need to stick the alpha data somewhere else.


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