[Xorg] Lots of changes today

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Aug 6 19:04:34 PDT 2004

Around 3 o'clock on Aug 7, Roland Mainz wrote:

> What do you mean with "normal" PC hardware ? Do you mean something like
> making 24bit TrueColor the default visual for Xvfb or what ?

No, all I changed was the order of RGB within a TrueColor visual as well 
as switching from depth 15 to depth 16 (a better depth fix would be nice).

> Maybe not "modern" toolkits (BTW: Did you check whether Motif and Athena
> applications still work ?)

Remember that this change was only designed to make legacy toolkits 
operate with ARGB visuals.  I have hacked xterm to kinda work in this mode 
with these DIX changes, but it still took a lot of fixes within the xterm 
code to make it all work more-or-less correctly.

Applications using the "normal" visuals see no change in any case.

If we think a change like this would be useful, we can go back and figure 
out a way to do this without modifying the visual structure.  It's not 
that hard -- it's almost always just the bits in depth with those consumed 
by RGB taken out.


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