[Xorg] Is this xvideo message warning me about somethig which could damage my lcd? help!

Francisco Figueiredo Jr. fxjrlists at yahoo.com.br
Mon Aug 9 07:57:40 PDT 2004

 --- Alex Deucher <alexdeucher at gmail.com> escreveu: 
> On Sun, 08 Aug 2004 23:00:17 -0300, Francisco Figueiredo Jr.

> > 
> > Is there something wrong?
> > Can I damage my lcd if I simply ignore this warning?
> > Is this only related to xvideo?
> yes.  It just means Xv is disabled because there is not enough
> bandwith for the the overlay at that resolution.
> Alex

Hi Alex, thanks for your reply.

But your "yes" is only to the question about that it is only related to xvideo
or it is also to my question about if this can damage my lcd?

Because I did some tests with mplayer and I could get it working with open gl
rendering and it was a good performance compared to xvideo in same resolution.
As in 1400 I can't use xvideo I think I could live with gl rendering.

So, I ask that because I'd like to start using 1400 resolution even with this
xvideo problem. But I also would like to know if this could damage my lcd.

Thanks in advance.


Francisco Figueiredo Jr.

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