[Xorg] Xorg tinderbox status

Bryce Harrington bryce at osdl.org
Mon Aug 9 10:20:39 PDT 2004

Some notes regarding tinderbox as a followup to the release status call
this morning.

Tinderbox is at tinderbox.freedesktop.org.

* The Xorg release is scheduled to occur this month; the goal is to
  achieve as much testing (incl. Tinderbox) as can be done during that

* 6 machines are present in Tinderbox currently; this is down from the
  dozen or so we had last week.  It looks like we lost several over the
  weekend, although don't know why.  We may need a signup sheet for
  Tinderbox volunteers who will be committing to providing tinderbox
  service so we can contact them if the machine goes away.

* There are two problems related to do_traps.c but they appear to be
  OS-specific issues.  Is anyone running FreeBSD or OpenBSD that could
  try to recreate and analyze the problems?

* Priorities for further enhancements to tinderbox:
   + Add link from the tinderbox page to the directions in wiki
   + Set up additional admins for it
   + Add Bonzai
   + Investigate how to get historical data from it
   + Hook up additional tests
   + Determine how to get compiled binaries for platforms

* Tests worth people running right now
   + xfw4
   + x11perf
   + rendertest.


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