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Adam Jackson ajax at nwnk.net
Mon Aug 9 22:25:30 PDT 2004

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> * Bug #855: xterm displays DEL but it should instead ignore it
>   - Has anyone contacted Thomas E. Dickey to see if it is okay to update
>     X.Org xterm to his version?

I talked to him briefly about xterm in relation to bug 379, which he had 
already fixed.  I really can't justify _not_ following Dickey's sources, 
since he's doing an excellent job maintaining it and there aren't any license 
issues (unless I'm grossly misinformed).

> * Bug #972: Xprint installs outside of ProjectRoot when
>             NothingOutsideProjectRoot is YES
>   - Three solutions proposed:
>     1. When NothingOutsideProjectRoot is YES, install the scripts under
>        ProjectRoot/etc.  To make it clear to the sysadmin, a note could
>        be added that the scripts installed there should be included in
>        the system's rc.d init scripts.
>     2. Don't install any init scripts when NothingOutsideProjectRoot is
>        YES.
>     3. Create a new program that allows users to start Xprint on their
>        own.
>   - Solutions #1 and #2 are straighforward
>   - Since we are late in the release process, I would suggest that we go
>     with solution #1


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