[Xorg] xlibs frozen, soversion audit needed, release upcoming

Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Tue Aug 10 04:36:08 PDT 2004

Sorry about the hurry here, and the fact I'm being a little arbitrary. 
The hurry is caused by the fact we have a platform release to hit soon,
and I think I was trying to do this release like six months ago or

I've got a lot of changes to merge today to a lot of modules, which
makes it possible to bootstrap without ever having had the monolithic
tree installed.  I'm doing these changes now, and I've locked down the
tree while I'm doing this, since I'm already trying to merge between
three trees, and I need to touch almost every module.  Sorry.

The soversions.

My god, the soversions.

They're almost totally random.  I'm guilty of screwing them up badly
myself; I'm still not entirely convinced I understand them *properly*. 
But there are good explanations around[0], and I'm going to corner
someone who knows today (he's sitting a couple of feet away, but we're
in a talk, and he's actively participating).

We need a sane strategy for bumping the soversions when need be (which
is *not* 'keep it in sync with the version), and we need to change the
soversions for the previously-static-but-now-shared libraries (libXss,
libXxf86*, et al; some of which I am just importing today) which
currently have soversions of 0.0.0, 0.1.0, or something totally wack.

Anyway. I'll put a list up on the Wiki later today, with best
suggestions, and then I want to start tagging and rolling tarballs --
two days from now (UK time).  So, I want every single tarball for xlibs
1.0.1 ready by Thursday Aug 12th 2359 UTC.  I'll be doing almost all of
them, but help would be appreciated -- especially building on systems
that are not Linux/(i386|powerpc).

So, executive summary:
  * we need a strategy for fixing soversions
  * tarballs in pdx:~xlibs/public_html/release/1.0.1 by 08122359 +0000,
must have proper soversions.


:) d

[0]: http://sources.redhat.com/autobook/autobook/autobook_91.html#SEC91
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