[Xorg] xv issue -

Joshua M. McClain tartan at mindspring.com
Tue Aug 10 17:48:35 PDT 2004

> I have seen several posts to the XFree86 list detailing the same problem
> post XFree86 4.3, something happened with Xv between XFree86 4,3 and 4.4
> and IIRC this is the time frame that xorg was forked.

Here's another test case -- and this is odd.  When I record a tv show in
myth (using 480x480, in fact), then play it back in myth, I get two
  * when played back from MythTV's "play recordings" feature, I get the
same old bug
  * when played back from MythVideo, it works.  (mplayer -vo xv)

Soooo, I'm gonna take this to the myth crowd also.  Probably, it's a
combination of the two.


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