[Xorg] Current blocker bug list

Kevin E Martin kem at freedesktop.org
Tue Aug 10 21:42:43 PDT 2004

In order to get wider exposure to the current list of blocker bugs, I
have put together a list of them along with a comment on each (below).
I will keep this list updated and will post it and the bug stats each

We would like to ask your help with the following:

1. Please help us track down solutions for the current blocker bugs
   listed below.
2. If there are other bugs that should be considered blockers, please
   add them to bugzilla so that we can track them.

FYI, the main blocker bug is #351:

Current blocker bugs: 17
     Fixed yesterday:  1
     Added yesterday:  5

Current list of blocker bugs:
* Bug #255: Radeon driver - AGP/PCI autodetection is totally broken
  - Need to verify changes from revision are correct

* Bug #303: PPC64 changes
  - Need someone to test PPC64 changes

* Bug #337: Remove trademarked Gumby images
  - Keith Packard said he would do this; however, he doesn't need to be
    distracted from other tasks (e.g., getting Composite working)

* Bug #738: Bogus contact addresses in Xserver/os/utils.c
  - Need someone to create a patch to allow these addresses to be
  - What are the correct default addresses to use here?

* Bug #855: xterm displays DEL but it should instead ignore it
  - Has anyone contacted Thomas E. Dickey to see if it is okay to update
    X.Org xterm to his version?

* Bug #922: Radeon Render acceleration problems
  - Recent patches fix several problems, but there is still what is
    thought to be a context switching problem
  - Need someone to investigate problem

* Bug #925: Freetype 2.1.8+ symbols break build on many systems
  - Several patches have already been applied to fix this problem
  - Are there any other patches needed or can we close this bug and move
    it over to the release notes bug (#999)?

* Bug #964: X.Org Xprt starts to consume 100% when being idle
  - Roland Mainz has a proposed solution but needs some review of the

* Bug #972: Xprint installs outside of ProjectRoot when
            NothingOutsideProjectRoot is YES
  - Three solutions proposed:
    1. When NothingOutsideProjectRoot is YES, install the scripts under
       ProjectRoot/etc.  To make it clear to the sysadmin, a note could
       be added that the scripts installed there should be included in
       the system's rc.d init scripts.
    2. Don't install any init scripts when NothingOutsideProjectRoot is
    3. Create a new program that allows users to start Xprint on their
  - Solutions #1 and #2 are straighforward
  - Since we are late in the release process, I would suggest that we go
    with solution #1

* Bug #991: Composite exposes extra visuals
  - Keith Packard is working on a solution

* Bug #993: Build failure with #define BuildXevie NO
  - This problem has been fixed, but it raised another issues that has
    been discussed on the mailing list before: Should Xevie be included
    in Xext or should it be in a separate library by itself?

* Bug #999: Release notes for next release
  - Need someone to start documenting changes for release notes

* Bug #1004: XDarwin manpage included on Linux builds
  - Expected behavior for quite some time
  - Documentation changes are still allowed
  - Need someone to feel strongly enough that this should be fixed and
    generate a patch to change the expected behavior

* Bug 1024: Japanese ctext conversion bug
  - Patch available, just needs review

* Bug 1026: Xnest is missing XKB on BuildServersOnly
  - Presumably this will also be a problem with DMX
  - Fix proposed

* Bug 1029: Hard failure if socket directories cannot be chowned to root
  - This solution breaks on systems that do not have setuid
  - xfs uses xtrans also and since it is not setuid root, it cannot
    chown to root and bails
  - Perhaps solution proposed is too draconian and should be backed out

* Bug 1032: Damage causes rootless XDarwin to crash
  - Several backtraces suggest this is caused by damage
  - Keith suggests that perhaps DamageSetup hasn't been called
  - Needs further investigation

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