[Xorg] Solicitation of screen shots of new facilities in action...

Jim Gettys Jim.Gettys at hp.com
Thu Aug 12 08:03:36 PDT 2004

Well, we have a release coming up.

It sure would be nice to have some up to date eye candy screen
shots showing off what the new facilities (e.g. Composite, Damage,
Evie, etc.) to go with the release.

We clearly have Keithp's dated page from last fall, which
also explains how this stuff all works; but the shots on that
page, while interesting to practitioners of the art, aren't really
suitable for general consumption overall.  And since then,
we have lots of other kool stuff (tm) we can showcase, up to
and including LookingGlass and Croquet exploiting the new

So if people will send me screenshots or pointers to screenshots,
I'll try to put together a page that showcases better what
becomes possible given the new technology about to hit the streets.
                           Thanks greatly!
                                - Jim

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