[Xorg] ARGB visuals from Composite extension

Soeren Sandmann sandmann at daimi.au.dk
Thu Aug 12 16:46:23 PDT 2004

John McCutchan <ttb at tentacle.dhs.org> writes:

> Both of those are bugs in mozilla and flash.

The one about crashing is; they should figure out a way to agree on
the visual used. But I'm not sure about the other. A client faced with
a 32 bit visual with 8 bits of r, g and b is not required to do
anything special with the remaining 8 bits, right? So the X server
suddenly assuming they are alpha bits is not backwards compatible.

> I think this comes down to who is the leader? X.org or macromedia (could
> be any program/company)? 
> Who sets the rules?

How do you propose an application predicts that previously unused bits
are suddenly going to be interpreted as something the application has
never even heard about?


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