[Xorg] Installing as non-root user

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 13 15:13:13 PDT 2004

When we build for making Solaris packages, we use this in host.def
to install to a staging area in the top of the build tree:

/* Install into package building area */
#ifdef i386Architecture

The :sh= syntax is specific to the Sun version of make I think though - there's
probably a gmake equivalent, and if you just want to hardcode a directory, such
as /home/markus instead, you should just be able to ignore the PWD and set
DESTDIR directly.

You're right that this should be documented somewhere in the build instructions.

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Markus Kuhn wrote:
> Is there a simple/neat way (e.g., setting a small number of environment
> variables) to "make install" X11R6.7 from the cvs tree as a non-root user into
> my home directory (say in ~/local/X11R6/ instead of /usr/X11R6/), to do
> development work and testing on the client-side of X11R6 without changing
> anything outside my home directory?
> xc/BUILD only says
>   If you want to install on a filesystem other than /usr, make a
>   symbolic link to /usr/X11R6 before installing.
> which is of no help to someone who works on a centrally administered
> host and has not the root access needed to replace /usr/X11R6 with a
> symbolic link.
> A brief description of how to do that would be a most valueable addition
> to xc/BUILD. [On many other source packages, one simply has to execute
> "./configure -prefix=$HOME/local" today, to install without root access.]
> Markus

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