[Xorg] AllocateOffscreenLinear

Thomas Winischhofer thomas at winischhofer.net
Sat Aug 14 06:18:34 PDT 2004

Both the radeon and the mga driver allocate offscreen memory for RENDER 
acceleration using xf86AllocateOffscreenLinear(). However, the "size" 
argument for this call is calculated differently:

The mga driver's RENDER acceleration calculates the "size" argument like 
this (simplified):

    size = width * height
    if (pScrn->bitsPerPixel == 16) size <<= 1;

The radeon driver does this like this:

    size = width * PICT_FORMAT_BPP(texFormat) * height

Both the mga and the radeon drivers' video code allocates offscreen 
video memory calculating "size" like this:

    size = (width * height) / (pScrn->bitsPerPixel >> 3)

So, what IS the unit of "size" for xf86AllocateOffscreenLinear()? 
"pixel" (=bpp-dependent) or "byte"?

If it's "pixel", the radeon driver's RENDER acceleration is broken in 
this regard.


Thomas Winischhofer
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