[Xorg] xcompmgr aborts immediately

Diego Calleja García diegocg at teleline.es
Sat Aug 14 11:21:47 PDT 2004

El Sat, 14 Aug 2004 18:45:38 +0200 Dennie Bastiaan <morphie at unravel-music.nl> escribió:

> I am running Debian Unstable with linux 2.6.7. In Xorg.0.log it also states 
> that the Composite extension is enabled.

I'm using current 2.6 and debian unstable and I happen to have a 
similar problem; in my case I don't see an abort but a core dump,
and it crashes just after starting it.

I wonder if this problem is related with our setups (debian unstable + kernel
2.6) or one of the other bugs reported (mine is at

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