[Xorg] Re: CVS as of Keith's commit 04/08/14 20:34:18

Dennie Bastiaan morphie at unravel-music.nl
Sun Aug 15 06:02:56 PDT 2004

On Sunday 15 August 2004 08:58, Keith Packard wrote:
> Around 6 o'clock on Aug 15, Thomas Winischhofer wrote:
> > 1) *Without* xcompmgr (but composite enabled), window moving is pretty
> > slow now. As soon as I start xcompmgr, everything is almost as fast as
> > normal. Even with shadows, it behaves pretty well.
> Hmm.  That "shouldn't" happen.  I'll debug that when I've got a moment.

Here Composite behaves the same. With composite enabled and xcompmgr not 
running, moving windows is slow.

Only I have another problem also, although I don't know what it causes, 
because everyone else don't seem to have that problem.

xcompmgr runs, the eye-candy is on, but the screen freezes. I can move the 
mouse, and I can click on icons and the program is starting, but the screen 
won't refresh anymore so I don't see any changes anymore.

(I am using today's CVS of xc and xcompmgr)

> > 2) KDE's pseudo-transparency (for konsole, for example) and
> > pseudo-menu-shadow is broken - but this is assumingly a KDE issue.
> If xcompmgr is not running, the X server should behave precisely as it
> used to.  Any regressions are bugs.
> > Nice work, guys!
> Thanks!  We aim to please (and we will work to fix these quickly).

I'm actually very(!) pleased with the progress made. Not only the last few 
days/weeks, but the complete X-Development. :-)

- Dennie

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