[Xorg] Is this the last of the monolithic builds?

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Sun Aug 15 15:21:39 PDT 2004

Louis Garcia wrote:
> Would this be the last monolithic builds of the xserver as of X11R6.8?

Good question - I think the best we can say right now is "probably."
(Ignoring bug fix releases in the 6.8.x series which may happen.)

There's a lot of desire to move to the modular tree, but a lot of work
to do to make that happen.  The 6.8 release came about from having a
number of new things ready to go and a desire to have a release put
together so distributors could get them into their releases with
code freezes coming up soon - since the modular release isn't ready yet,
that meant another monolithic release.  Should we again get into that
situation before the modular tree is ready, it's conceivable we could
do another one.

(There's also a lot of unease about a complete cutover, since it's really
  two huge changes, going to a new build system (autotools instead of
  imake) and going to a new style of managing the tree (individual modules
  instead of one huge monolith).  Cutting over successfully will require a
  lot of coordination, planning, and work to make everything go smoothly.
  Those who want to see this change are strongly encouraged to help in any
  way they can, even if it's just testing builds or updating docs on how
  to build.)

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