[Mesa3d-dev] Re: [Xorg] Code freeze extension

Keith Whitwell keith at tungstengraphics.com
Mon Aug 16 07:25:06 PDT 2004

Brian Paul wrote:

>> At this point, given that the X.Org tree is still monolithic, our Mesa
>> usage is somewhat independent of Mesa releases in my view.  I chose to
>> integrate the development branch because of the great advances made in
>> the DRI drivers in general (though we have some issues to resolve still,
>> as bugzilla shows), though I was concerned about using something that
>> wasn't blessed as a release.
>> I would like to continue using the current codebase, though we should
>> probably make it clear in glxinfo (for example) that this is a
>> development branch we're using.  That is, unless a release were to
>> happen from the head branch the next couple of days.
> Well, I could probably make the Mesa 6.1 release this weekend (since I 
> was planning on working anyway).  I've got some memory leak fixes (see 
> bug 1002030) that I haven't checked into the trunk yet (but are checked 
> into the mesa_6_0_branch branch).  I asked Kevin about checking them in 
> but haven't heard back yet.
> Does anyone object to taking the trunk code we have today and making the 
> 6.1 release?  I'm not aware of any loose ends in it at this time.

I think that the strategy of pulling development Mesa into development Xorg 
has worked well, and if we can get a new stable Mesa to come out just ahead of 
a stable Xorg, all the better.

Maybe we can work towards an informal synchronization of releases in the 
future, where as much as is possible and convenient for both projects, we 
attempt to do releases at similar times so that there is no more lag than 
necessary in getting the code to users?


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