[Xorg] Graphical glitches in xfwm, pekwm when used with xcompmgr

Owen Hofmann 06 oshofmann at amherst.edu
Tue Aug 17 20:20:54 PDT 2004

Hi.  I just got around to trying out a recent version of the X.org
server, and found that using xcompmgr along with xfwm, and later pekwm,
caused some graphical glitches in window decorations.  I tried metacity,
and it seemed to be fine.

Some screenshots:

I'm running a cvs build from the evening of 8/17, on Arch Linux, on a
laptop with a geforce4 mx.  These shots are taken with the nvidia binary
drivers, but the nv driver showed the same problems.

I must say I'm really excited about the rapid development of the X.org


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