[Xorg] Current blocker bug list

Kevin E Martin kem at freedesktop.org
Tue Aug 17 21:21:00 PDT 2004

In order to get wider exposure to the current list of blocker bugs, I
have put together a list of them along with a comment on each (below).
I will keep this list updated and will post it and the bug stats each

We would like to ask your help with the following:

1. Please help us track down solutions for the current blocker bugs
   listed below.
2. If there are other bugs that should be considered blockers, please
   add them to bugzilla so that we can track them.

FYI, the main blocker bug is #351:

Current blocker bugs:  5
     Fixed yesterday:  6
     Added yesterday:  4

Current list of blocker bugs:
* Bug #999: Release notes/documentation for next release
  - Need someone to start documenting changes for release notes
  - Need to investigate what other documentation changes are needed

* Bug #1029: Hard failure if socket directories cannot be chowned to root
  - This solution breaks on systems that do not have setuid
  - xfs uses xtrans also and since it is not setuid root, it cannot
    chown to root and bails
  - Proposed solutions:
    1. Create a helper program that is setuid root to create dir, or
    2. Revert the change back to X11R6.7 version
    3. Leave hard failure in code

* Bug #1099: Placeholder for for all bugs "held open" but not blocking
  - Each of these could use more investigation

* Bug #1104: Won't build on Solaris/SPARC
  - Waiting for new patch to review

* Bug #1105: cw break CopyArea for non-redir dst, redir src
  - Patch supplied
  - More testing is needed to ensure that it does not break anything

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