[Xorg] RC2 test report

Voluspa lista4 at comhem.se
Wed Aug 18 21:15:18 PDT 2004

My carnival system can't be entered in your test matrix but here's a
test report anyway:

Hardware: Celeron clocked at 1 Gig. 256 meg mem. GeForce2 MX 400, 64 MB.

System: Linux From Scratch ca 2001 (gcc 2.95.3, libc 2.2.4).
Kernel: 2.6.7 (compiled with gcc 3.3.2)

Driver: NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-6111-pkg1 (compiled with gcc 3.3.2)
Option "RenderAccel" "True"

X.org: xc-6-7-99-902.tar.bz2 from "ajax" home directory.

Build, no configuration just "make World": OK (compile time 1 hour)
Install "make install": OK

startx: OK, but it didn't pick up anything from my old XF86Config-4
startx: Hard fail with a copy renamed to xorg.conf (Driver "Keyboard")
startx: OK with Driver "Keyboard" edited to "kbd"

Running: Rock stable (no desktop, just Enlightenment 0.16.6). Xv under
mplayer, no problems. Glxgears and bzflag are both OK.

Composite "Enable": Enlightenment totally useless (misdrawings
everywhere) and a glxgears run crashed the computer hard after a few
seconds - reboot necessary. A recompile of the WM made no difference.

Composite "Enable": XFce 4.0.0 as desktop/WM is rock stable.

xcompmgr -c: Initially rock stable, with known errors like glxgears
always on top, bzflag misrendered (also unable to run/accept
keypresses). Segmentation fault of xcompmgr after ca 40 minutes.

xcompmgr -c -f: Now things really start to break down ;-)

All in all a nice experience. I'm pleased that my hodgepodge system
could swallow your package this well.

Mats Johannesson

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