[Xorg] Radeon/PowerPC blocker bug Was: X.org radeon hangs on startup (PowerPC/iBook2)

René Rebe rene at rocklinux-consulting.de
Wed Aug 18 23:14:21 PDT 2004

Hi all,

Sjoerd Simons wrote:
> On Sat, Aug 14, 2004 at 02:27:52PM +0000, René Rebe wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I just tried cvs:head on my iBook2 (Radeon Mobility M7 LW [Radeon
>>Mobility 7500]) and had to notice that it already hangs during startup:
> I've noticed this some time ago on my powerbook (Radeon 9600) too and reported
> a bug with patch[0]. No reaction on it yet though.  
> Unfortunately while the patch prevents the X server from hanging, it doesn't
> make Xorg work me. Need to report a bug about that sometime. 
>   Sjoerd
> 0: http://freedesktop.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1007

Yes - that bugzilla patch indeed let's X.Org start here. Please apply.

Have fun,
   René Rebe

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