[Xorg] Getting GATOS branch created on Xorg

Vladimir Dergachev volodya at mindspring.com
Thu Aug 19 21:36:39 PDT 2004

On Thu, 19 Aug 2004, Jon Smirl wrote:

> What would it take to get GATOS into the video4linux model instead of
> having it's own driver? With v4l support would be in the kernel.

Major rewrite of X radeon driver. All-in-Wonder cards require a portion of 
video memory (preferably dynamically allocated) for video capture or playback.

Also, video playback requires overlay scalar unit - which thus must be 
shared with Xserver's XvPutImage functionality.

It is simply much easier to implement video-in support in the same place 
the rest of Radeon driver resides.


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