[Xorg] Wraphelp.c Re: CVS Update: xc (branch: trunk)

Matthieu Herrb matthieu.herrb at laas.fr
Sat Aug 21 14:16:33 PDT 2004

Jim Gettys wrote:
> CVSROOT:	/cvs/xorg
> Module name:	xc
> Changes by:	jg at pdx.	04/08/20 19:06:44
> Log message:
>   Add Wraphelp.c to lib/Xdmcp, at long last, along with the U.S.
>   government required notifications. The website notification went up
>   first.
>   Clean up Wraphelp.c so that it compiles cleanly.
>   I chose the version Australian version written for R5 written
>   by Eric Eay at psych.psy.uq.oz.au, as I don't know where the original one
>   was, and didn't want to touch XFree86.

Hmm, this version doesn't work on LP64 big endian machines (like
*BSD/sparc64). The problems were fixed in OpenBSD. May I suggest to
switch to this version (it's the same origin, with the LP64 problems

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