[Xorg] [Composite] mplayer -vo x11

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Mon Aug 23 11:14:10 PDT 2004

Around 10 o'clock on Aug 23, Aaron Plattner wrote:

> [...]
>   visual:
>     visual id:    0x22
>     class:    DirectColor
>     depth:    24 planes
>     available colormap entries:    256 per subfield
>     red, green, blue masks:    0xff0000, 0xff00, 0xff
>     significant bits in color specification:    10 bits

Arg.  Render doesn't like DirectColor visuals.  If you are using this 
visual as a TrueColor visual with a 'corrected' ramp, you can use the 
obvious Direct picture format; that's available by using XRenderFindFormat
and supplying the right values for the 'type', 'depth' and 'direct' 
members in the template.

I'm wondering if Render shouldn't just use that for DirectColor visuals 
all of the time.  Hmm.


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