[Xorg] Tinderbox error on Wraphelp.c

Stuart Kreitman Stuart.Kreitman at Sun.COM
Mon Aug 23 15:33:39 PDT 2004


That would be me.  You may refer to the email logs at 

to follow the discussion on this.

A quote of Alan Coopersmith's summary:

"uint32_t is the form specified by the ISO/ANSI C99 standard, the
current version of the Single Unix Specification (the combined
replacement for the POSIX & XPG series of specs, and LSB 1.3."

If the bug is only in the current Debian distro now and not in other 
Linux's, then one must ask what standards vetting they have, and whether
we should ifdef around it.


  Harrington wrote:
> On tinderbox.freedesktop.org there appears to be an issue in
> Wraphelp.c:
>     Wraphelp.c:65: error: syntax error before "skb"
> This issue showed up on the Solaris build machine over the weekend
> starting on 8/21 at 18:45.  It resolved at 10:12 today, 8/23, however
> now the same error is appearing in one of the Linux/Debian build
> machines as of 11:07.
> ajax commented on IRC that it looks like uint_32 vs. u_int_32 issues,
> and suggested mentioning it here on the list.
> Solaris / x86 / SunOS
>     http://freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/tinderbox3/showlog.pl?machine_id=62&logfile=20040823084521.log
> Linux / x86 / Debian
>     http://freedesktop.org/cgi-bin/tinderbox3/showlog.pl?machine_id=63&logfile=20040823110740.log
> Bryce
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