[Xorg] Bug #1053 - Screen corruption enlightenment16 and xcompmgr

René Rebe rene at rocklinux-consulting.de
Tue Aug 24 15:02:14 PDT 2004

Hi all,

this was already reported several times in screenshot mails and as 
bugzilla bug #1053, but I want to bring this to attention in a seperate 

Running the Composition Manager with Enlightenment 16 leads to screen 
corruption of some of the stuff drawn by enlightenment itself.

Without the composition manager all is fine:

And now with xcompmgr -a (using -c or -s does not make a difference in 
the way the enlightenment theme parts are corrupted ...):

It seems that these tiny theme parts might be shifted a bit due to some 
index used/computed incorrectly ...

The X.Org version is nearly CVS:HEAD and it happens on x86/Radeon and 
Matrox as well as PowerPC/Radeon with and without RenderAccel. All the 
X.Org included driver - I do not use the binary only ones ...

(Btw, the RenderAccel for Radeon has endianness bugs - but I ignore 
those for now and report them to bugzilla when I find no time to track 
them myself - but /me get's used to track endianess problem, so ... ;-)

Any idea?

   - René Rebe

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