[Xorg] 6_7_99_2 build test results: debian/ppc

Nathan Hand nathanh at manu.com.au
Fri Aug 27 01:31:24 PDT 2004

Build results for Debian/unstable on PPC (G4). This is a 12" PowerBook
G4 so the chipset is an Nvidia FX Go5200.

     1. Nathan Hand <nathanh at manu.com.au> 
     2. 26 August 2004 
     3. Debian Linux/PPC unstable 
     4. XORG-6_7_99_2 
     5. Build emptydef: passed, serversonly: passed, doloadable: passed 
     6. Install emptydef: passed, projectroot (/opt/xorg): passed 
     7. Conformance test status: untested, details below
     8. Run test status: passed and failed, details below

All builds were flawless, near as I can tell. Ran to completion with
"Full build of Release 6.7 complete" as the last message.

Build compiler was gcc 3.3.4 (Debian package 3.3.4-9).

Run tests only completed for 16bpp. Composite extension disabled.

     1. X test suite: untested, see below
     2. x11perf: ran to completion, all tests successful, unsure about
        pixel accuracy.
     3. rendercheck: seems every test had errors. Always the alpha is
        wrong (got 1.0, expected 0.0). Sometimes RED is off by 0.02. 
     4. GNOME: works fine, no glitches observed, used for several hours
        without any problems.
     5. GL: software rendering only (nvidia chipset), glxgears works at
        145 fps. Looks OK.
     6. VT switching: ctrl-alt-fn-f1 seems to not work, not sure why, I
        haven't disabled it in xorg.conf.

The xreg script caused the server to bomb out with Fatal 11. I haven't
yet investigated the problem so I don't have any conformance tests.

The world.logs and install.logs for each build are available. Can also
provide x11perf and rendercheck test results.

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