Usage of Tilt Wheel?

robert crimofbai at
Sun Aug 29 07:05:19 PDT 2004

Hi List,

I've got a MS Wireless Optical Mouse (yes, i know), that has got a tilt 
Wheel. Thats a function of the Scroll Wheel to tilt it left and right to 
scroll horizontal.
I like this functionality and of course I want to use it under Linux ;)

I posted to and one of the Users there made a small 
patch for the hid driver that seems to work and produces some "crap" 
when the wheel is tilted. The thread is there:
Could it be possible to creatve events that xev can read and some other 
program work with (imwheel...) ?

As you maybe see I'm no developer, so any help is welcome =)



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