Matrox G550 and DualHead support.

Marcin Giedz marcin.giedz at
Sun Aug 29 10:39:05 PDT 2004

> > My question is: is it possible without any drivers from matrox (specially
> > mga_hal.o) and with from CVS run 2 independent screens (independent
> > resolution, rotation etc)? or I should use mga_hal.o and speciall option
> > passed to xorg.conf 0 like DigitalScreen = YES or something like that ;)
> You can run dualhead as long as both screens are crts.  DVI, tv, and
> mergedfb all require HAL.

Ok Thanks so much ;)

But another question. I have downloaded beta source and binary drivers from 
matrox. Binary are compiled only for XFree4.3 and source hmmm I simply can't 
find how to compile it. Can I use binary from XFree4.3 with compiled 
from CVS or is it possible to compile drivers and how can I do it?


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