How to use fbdev ?

René Rebe rene at
Sun Aug 29 14:35:31 PDT 2004


Timothy Murphy wrote:

> Someone suggested that I should try the fbdev driver
> on my Sony C1VFK Picturebook instead of the ati driver,
> but when I try that I get the error message:
> "/dev/fb0: No such device"
> although there are devices /dev/fb* created by
> "dev/MAKEDEV -v fb"
> creating eg
> =====================================
> [tim at william tim]$ ls -ls /dev/fb0
> 0 crw-------  1 root root 29, 0 Aug 29 04:32 /dev/fb0
> =====================================
> Where did I go wrong?

No framebuffer support in the kernel? Try recompile the kernel with ati 
variants or the vesa one. You can also try the x vesa driver on the box 


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