Current blocker bug list

Kevin E Martin kem at
Sun Aug 29 20:39:04 PDT 2004

In order to get wider exposure to the current list of blocker bugs, I
have put together a list of them along with a comment on each (below).
I will keep this list updated and will post it and the bug stats each

We would like to ask your help with the following:

1. Please help us track down solutions for the current blocker bugs
   listed below.
2. If there are other bugs that should be considered blockers, please
   add them to bugzilla so that we can track them.

The main release bug is #351:

The process for having bugs be considered as release blockers is to set
the bug's "Bug # blocks:" field to the release bug, 351.  The release
wranglers will then determine if the bug is one that should hold up the
release or be deferred until after the release.  As we are currently in
the code freeze, only major blocker bugs are being considered.

Blocker bug stats:
Current blocker bugs: 11
     Fixed yesterday:  4
     Added yesterday:  2

Current list of blocker bugs:
* Bug #999: Release notes/documentation for next release
  - Need someone to start documenting changes for release notes
  - Need to investigate what other documentation changes are needed

* Bug #1029: Hard failure if socket directories cannot be chowned to root
  - A configuration option was added to disable the hard failure, which
    is off by default
  - Needs testing by those experiencing problem

* Bug #1099: Placeholder for for all bugs "held open" but not blocking
  - Each of these could use more investigation

* Bug #1109: ATI Rage Mobility on Dell Insprion 7500 fails to display anything
  - Needs investigation and patch

* Bug #1168: Damage crashes with rootless layer
  - Possible solution by building without damage for servers using
    rootless layer
  - Torrey Lyons is checking if this will work

* Bug #1182: Xim deadlocks in certain situations
  - Potential patch provided, but not thoroughly tested
  - Egbert is asking for review of the patch

* Bug #1183: IA-64: HP ZX1/2 support current disabled
  - Patch provided
  - Egbert is asking for review of the patch

* Bug #1203: Multiple definitions of XdmcpWrap
  - Not a problem on IA32
  - Needs verification and/or further explanation

* Bug #1204: Xvfb fails XDrawText and XDrawText16
  - Xvfb fails the X Test Suite on these tests
  - Needs investigation

* Bug #1210: GL contexts are sometimes not displayed with XDarwin's AGL
  - Torry Lyons is finalizing a self-contained patch to aglGlx.c

* Bug #1213: make install fails with BuildServersOnly YES
  - Patch to fix problem checked in
  - Roland Mainz has proposed a different solution and will provide a

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