903 xorg, nVidia, TwinView and xcompmgr = corrupt display

Marcus D. Hanwell linux at cryos.net
Mon Aug 30 07:04:41 PDT 2004


First post to the list, so go easy. I have been using the new xorg 
builds on Gentoo Linux for the last week or so (902 and then 903). I am 
using the amd64 64 bit Gentoo Linux build, with the amd64 nvidia 6106 
drivers. Everything is compiled 64 bit.

I am using an nVidia GeForce FX 5900XT 128MB graphics card with two 17" 
TFT monitors and TwinView. TwinView works just fine with the new 
xorg- I have enabled composite support in xorg.conf and 
everything still works fine too. Using KDE 3.3, and fluxbox.

Unfortunately whenever I execute xcompmgr I get screen corruption of the 
second screen, and about a third of the first screen. I can then click 
on the Konsole where I launched xcompmgr, kill it and everything is fine 

I also recently discovered that I could also take a snapshot using 
ksnapshot, and most of the screen corruption went. By triggering the 
redraw event of the windows (dragging a window over corrupted areas of 
the screen), I can get the rest back. I can use xcompmgr -cf and set 
transparencies and get shadows.

Unfortunately in KDE if I change virtual desktops, and then go back to 
the original with the transparent windows they are not redrawn. I have 
to click over where the Konsole is, Ctrl+C and I get everything back. 
All the problems seem to be related to redraw events not being called or 
handled correctly - although I am no X expert!

The transparency looks great, but is quite unusable with TwinView in its 
current form. I would appreciate any comments - didn't know whether a 
bug should be filed on this issue and so am asking here first.



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