Problems with S3 Trio 64 V2/DX and Xorg 6.7.0

Alan Cox alan at
Mon Aug 30 06:28:30 PDT 2004

On Llu, 2004-08-30 at 06:45, Nikolay Datchev wrote:
> That's great :-(
> The Xfree86 that worked was so old that i even cannot remember the version
> (it was the time of slackware 7.1. So, this card is not supported anymore?

It depends which ramdac is in use on your card. One of 
the problems beyond the crufty state of XFree 3.3.x 
code is that you need to actually own a card with a 
given ramdac in order to port the code for that ramdac
into XFree 4.x otherwise how do you test it.

Given the card and the RAMDAC info you can if is worth
your time port the ramdac code over.


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