Damien "tuX" THEBAULT damien.thebault at
Mon Aug 30 13:15:23 PDT 2004

I just installed 6.8-rc2 ( few days ago and played with 
composite : shadows and transparency.
But when I setted transparency to a window, the shadow wasn't modified, 
so the result was not so cool it could have been :(
So I read the code of the two files : transset.c and xcompmgr.c and 
modified the last one to do what I wanted.

This patch cause xcompmgr to modify the ("client") shadow when the 
transparency is modified (by transset, for example).

The first modification was about the function "win_extents" : the 
opacity is not fixed, but depend of the window. (the "OPAQUE" define is 
the same that the one in transset)
The second one is the main function : drop the shadow and redo it.

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