RenderAccel on IGP?

Francesco Biscani biscani at
Tue Aug 31 07:59:03 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 31 August 2004 15:22, Alex Deucher wrote:
> I suspect it's probably a bug.  Perhaps something broke for IGPs when
> r400 support was added since some of the display code was rearranged,
> .  If I get a chance this week, I'll take a look.
> Alex

Thanks for that. I can paste my xorg.conf and/or logs if even remotely useful.

BTW, what are the projects regarding the radeon driver with respect to render 
acceleration and other eye-candy goodies? I've tested on RC3 with xcompmgr 
and transset; while shadows seem to be working good (performance-wise), 
transparency is still unusable. I may have made mistakes in configuration, 
but everything seems ok. I'm asking because the nvidia folks seem to get 
great performance out of lower-end cards thanks to RenderAccel. Is there any 
hope to see something like that also in the open-source radeon driver? Please 
do not take this a request, I just would like to know if we can expect or not 
improvements in the future on this side.


Dr. Francesco Biscani

Dipartimento di Astronomia
Università di Padova

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