Signal 11 with current xorg + nvidia drivers.

Viktor Kojouharov saturn_vk at
Tue Aug 31 11:08:47 PDT 2004

It's the exact same story without the mga card. still whenever xcompmgr is activated, the computer freezes on more intense opengl programs. if xcompmgr isn't started, they run fine.

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 >Around 21 o'clock on Aug 30, Viktor Kojouharov wrote:
 >> With the current cvs xorg and the latest nvidia drivers + an empty host.def
 >> file, xorg freezes the whole machine whenever some opengl apps are started.
 >It's important to note that you have both an nvidia card and an mga card 
 >connected to the same X server, and that these cards use incompatible 
 >implementations of the GLX extension.  That's likely the cause of your 

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