xcompmgr and transset shadow management.

Dennie Bastiaan morphie at unravel-music.nl
Tue Aug 31 16:24:49 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 01 September 2004 00:30, Damien "tuX" Thebault wrote:
> ->The shadow's opacity can be modified. This allowed the use of programs
> like "gDesklets" on the desktop without seeing the shadows.

Changing the opacity of a shadow to hide it isn't the prettiest way of doing 
that, don't you think? ;-)

> I know that xcompmgr and transset were designed just as an example for
> the "composite" extension, but I think it can be usable on a desktop...

The windowmanager should manage Xcomposite. (Some patches for metacity even do 
that right now). As far as windowmanagers will go is up to them, but an 
XWindow contains properties of the type of window we're dealing with. On 
those properties the windowmanager should (and should be able to) decide 
whether or not to display eye-candy (and the type of eye-candy).

By using xcompmgr for other things than testing and previewing, is functional 
decomposition, because it's the job of the WM, not a parallel executable.

- Dennie

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