[Xorg] CVS HEAD ok on PowerPC and UltraSPARC Linux

Michel Dänzer michel at daenzer.net
Tue Aug 31 13:38:52 PDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-08-31 at 09:12 -0700, Ian Romanick wrote:
> René Rebe wrote:
> > just a quick note (not a full conformance test run), that X.Org HEAD 
> > runs well on PowerPC and UltraSPARC Linux (both yet unreleased ROCK 
> > Linux forks). Since Eric Anholt's Bug #1101 PaintWindow I also do not 
> > yet had any screen corruptions anymore.
> > 
> > PowerPC:
> >   G3, iBook2, Ati/Radeon Mobility M7 LW, Linux, gcc-3.2.3
> > 
> >   XRender ok, Xv: ok, dri: ok, MergedFB: ok
> You were able to build on that system without hitting bug #905?  If so, 
> that means the bug probably only occurs on G4 based systems.  Interesting...

I'd rather expect it to depend on the version of FreeType or something
along those lines...

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