X11R6.8.1 released

Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Wed Sep 15 06:16:34 PDT 2004

The X.Org Foundation is pleased to announce X11R6.8.1, the latest
stable release of X.Org, the X standard implementation.

This version is purely a security release, addressing multiple integer
and stack overflows in libXpm, the X Pixmap library; all known versions
of X (both XFree86 and X.Org) are affected, so all users of X are
strongly encouraged to upgrade.  Vendors should have patches available
for their versions of X.

The CVE numbers for these vulnerabilities are CAN-2004-0687 (integer
overflows) and CAN-2004-0688 (stack overflows).

For the 6.8.1 release, two choices have been provided -- the standard
set of seven tarballs, and a single tarball.

If you download the traditional split tarballs, the first three contain
everything except the fonts and general X11 documentation.  Those three
are sufficient for building X11R6.8 if you already have a set of fonts.
The fourth and fifth contain the fonts.  The sixth contains the source
for the general X11 documentation.  The seventh contains the general
X11 documentation in hardcopy format.

For the single tarball (xorg-6.8.0.tar.gz), everything described in the
previous paragraph is available in the single tarball.

Downloads are available from:

Daniel Stone                                            <daniel at freedesktop.org>
freedesktop.org: powering your desktop                http://www.freedesktop.org
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