Synaptics MIT license, again

Florian Loitsch florian.loitsch at
Tue May 22 02:21:23 PDT 2007

On Monday 21 May 2007 13:21:09 Carlos Corbacho wrote:
> This seems to have stalled a bit, and after the work that has gone into it
> so far, it would be a shame to waste that. A few comments on the new
> e-mail:
> > Sorry to contact you again. All contributors have agreed to the license
> > change, but our mail asking you for the license change might have been
> > misleading. For a detailled discussion see [1]. We (the xorg-developers)
> > still would like to have the synaptics driver under the same license as
> > the xorg-server and if you are still willing to switch the license,
> > please confirm once again.
> Perhaps you should mention again exactly why this relicensing is happening
I don't think most developers are really interested in the reason for the 
switch. We already told a (potentially flawed) reason for switching, so why 
not just skip this step this time? Those that are interested can either read 
the newsgroup link, or send a mail for clarification (as mentioned in the 
All developers already agreed to the license change. If someone was actually 
misled she can clarify the situation separately. For most of us the desire to 
have the license to be the same as the xorg-license seems reasonable, 
sufficient and acceptable.
// florian

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