[Accessibility] Direction of the work (was: Updated requirements document)

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt@kde.org
Sat Jan 8 16:18:46 PST 2005

[Luke Yelavich, Sonntag, 9. Januar 2005 00:46]
> When I heard about it, I don't remember hearing about it from all the
> blind/accessibility related lists I am on. I could easily let people
> know on other lists such as the speakup and blinux lists.

This would be really great. Should I send you the announcement mail that I 
send to several lists so you can forward it to the lists?

> Point taken. Are the authors of all such systems on this list? If not,
> I think we need to get them all on here to have their input.

I contacted all projects that I know of, but I am sure that I have missed 

We have developers from GNOME, KDE, SpeechDispatcher, SUSE Blinux, 
IBM, Sun Microsystems, SUSE/Novell and probably some more projects.

I am not sure whether the developers of Gnopernicus have been invited to 
this list by the gnome-speech developers, but they should know about it 
via my posting to gnome-accessibility-devel. The developer of BRASS was 
invited to this list, but didn't subscribe. Maybe I should send them 
personal mails to invite them to this list.

There are also several other console screen readers (e.g. EmacsSpeak), so 
if anyone knows other interested developers, please let me know whom to 
contact, or tell them about this list yourself.


KDE Accessibility Project

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