AMD and free and open source software

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Thu Sep 1 02:22:06 UTC 2016

Right... the microcode is part of the HW design; some vendors build the microcode images into the chip, while others have the BIOS or driver load them at start-up. 

The industry is generally moving to driver-loaded microcode, but I don't believe any vendor is planning to start opening up their hardware designs.


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>We don't have the plan to open up firmware source.
>On Thu, Sep 01, 2016 at 04:16:59AM +0800, Frederique wrote:
>> Dear Huang Rui,
>> I recently swapped my NVIDIA Geforce 980 Ti for an AMD R9 Fury because
>> of the devoted efforts that are being made towards a free and open
>> source software driver.
>> I will be sticking with AMD for as long as this effort continues and
>> extends.
>> I have one question however. I use Debian, and right now I am only one
>> non-free package away from being free, this is the AMD Graphics
>> Firmware package. Will AMD make an effort to open up the firmware bits
>> too? If not, is there any particular reason why this is being held back?
>> Thank you for your time.
>> Sincerely yours,
>> Frederique
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