PCIe3 atomics requirement for amdkfd

Bridgman, John John.Bridgman at amd.com
Mon Dec 25 16:44:01 UTC 2017

Let's separate out OpenCL from HCC/HIP and the rest of the ROCm stack. 

We are working on a solution to deliver OpenCL without requiring atomics, but not the rest of the ROCm stack.

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>I have to agree here. At least there should be a non-PCIe-3.0 pathway which
>implements them on the CPU, I mean, they're fairly simple atomics, CAS,
>SWAP, FetchAdd.
>What AMD have actually done is royally screwed over anyone with an FX
>chipset, i.e. no OpenCL - the open source AMD one requires ROCm, they
>abandoned Clover, maybe PoCL will work? Who knows.
>On 19/12/17 15:04, Tom Stellard wrote:
>> Hi,
>> How hard of a requirement is PCIe3 atomics for dGPUs with the amdkfd
>> kernel driver?  Is it possible to make modifications to the
>> runtime/kernel driver to drop this requirement?
>> -Tom
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