PRT support for amdgpu

Nicolai Hähnle nhaehnle at
Thu Feb 2 09:18:07 UTC 2017

[ ceterum censeo, + John for addrlib :P ]

On 02.02.2017 02:49, Dave Airlie wrote:
>>> answered better by Dave.
>> Yeah, though so as well. Dave can you comment?
> I think we would require a fully open source user for this sort of thing,
> there are way to many corner cases for us to fall down here, prematurely
> pushing the API without a proven test suite running on it would be bad.
> We'd want to get radeonsi or radv up and running and have a complete
> run of the conformance suite to make sure the kernel API was sane,
> design is good, proving the design is the hard bit.

I think we can start with just GL_ARB_sparse_buffer. That extension 
isn't as useful in comparison, but it exercises all the memory 
management bits without having to worry about texture layout 
considerations, and doing that one first seems like a reasonable 
development strategy anyway.

> And uggh on addrlib, just stick the whole thing on github already.

I wish :/


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