Change queue/pipe split between amdkfd and amdgpu

Andres Rodriguez andresx7 at
Wed Feb 8 16:23:59 UTC 2017

Hey Felix,

Thanks for the pointer to the ROCm mqd commit. I like that the 
workarounds are easy to spot. I'll add that to a new patch series I'm 
working on for some bug-fixes for perf being lower on pipes other than 
pipe 0.

I haven't tested this yet on kaveri/carrizo. I'm hoping someone with the 
HW will be able to give it a go. I put in a few small hacks to get KFD 
to boot but do nothing on polaris10.


On 2017-02-06 03:20 PM, Felix Kuehling wrote:
> Hi Andres,
> Thank you for tackling this task. It's more involved than I expected,
> mostly because I didn't have much awareness of the MQD management in amdgpu.
> I made one comment in a separate message about the unified MQD commit
> function, if you want to bring that more in line with our latest ROCm
> release on github.
> Also, were you able to test the upstream KFD with your changes on a
> Kaveri or Carrizo?
> Regards,
>   Felix
> On 17-02-03 11:51 PM, Andres Rodriguez wrote:
>> The current queue/pipe split policy is for amdgpu to take the first pipe of
>> MEC0 and leave the rest for amdkfd to use. This policy is taken as an
>> assumption in a few areas of the implementation.
>> This patch series aims to allow for flexible/tunable queue/pipe split policies
>> between kgd and kfd. It also updates the queue/pipe split policy to one that
>> allows better compute app concurrency for both drivers.
>> In the process some duplicate code and hardcoded constants were removed.
>> Any suggestions or feedback on improvements welcome.

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