[PATCH] drm: Harmonize CIK ASIC support in radeon and amdgpu (v2)

Felix Kuehling felix.kuehling at amd.com
Fri May 19 18:55:19 UTC 2017

On 17-05-18 09:17 PM, Michel Dänzer wrote:
> Obviously, out-of-tree module builds will have to continue doing what
> they've been doing so far with kernels without your patch. I'm thinking
> about making it easier for them with kernels which do have your patch.
> At some point in the future, maybe the support for kernels without your
> patch can be dropped entirely.

I think out-of-tree builds using the CONFIG_AMDGPU_CIK option of the
target kernel is not safe. Hybrid should use its own option that is
determined by what the hybrid stack supports (kernel and user mode).

>>> The default at this point should possibly still be for CIK GPUs to be
>>> driven by radeon, even if CONFIG_DRM_AMDGPU_CIK is enabled;
>> Alex and Christian seem to think otherwise.
> FWIW, on my AMD notebook (HP EliteBook 725 G2, Kaveri), suspend/resume
> with amdgpu results in a black screen (can reboot blindly); works fine
> with radeon.

Has this problem been reported anywhere? Is anyone working on fixing it?
If it's not reported, it will never be fixed.


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